Who are we?

Solar Hash Hub In 2012, young scientists from Europe, Russia, the United States and Iran gathered together to create something special, something extraordinarily effective, something that outpaced its time. So the Solar Hash Hub appeared. The broad knowledge of mathematics, world economics, information technology and programming has given us a quick start, and since then we have been gaining momentum. SHH - this is not only the largest mining farms network in Eastern Europe. The SHH - first of all, is the innovation strategy of the mining, based on a scientific approach.

Our Mission

We consider our mission to combine effective mining with environmental protection. 95% of the energy we use comes from natural natural sources. Care for nature is a direct responsibility of the business of the future. Well, after all, we have succeeded in creating a truly successful company, and now we are happy to share our success with our partners. We continue to build together what we thought at first, without ever defying our principles. We are confident that in the modern world there is only one way to succeed and this is unification. The Internet has enabled people to cooperate with each other despite all the differences and barriers. Is not that wonderful?

Together United

SHH unites different people. If we need to describe SHH in one word, then that word will be SECURITY. The principle of our company is not to pursue unattainable profits. No! We never lose our minds and our money. Stable and secure income - that's why our partners value us. To each SHH operation we approach not only from the point of view of business but also from the point of view of science.SHH - this is a scientific project that allows to steadily earn real money. Here, for two years, we have been investing in talented young scientists from the best universities in the world. This allows us not to remain stuck. Every day, half of our collaborators are engaged in the development of new technologies and concepts in the field of blockchain technology. SHH employees are always open to new ideas and technologies. We exist in the future.

Sharing is caring

Solar Hash Hub is a socially responsible structure. We are confident that if you are successful, you must share it with others who have not had the chance to be born in developed countries, receive the right education, have the opportunity to realize their potential.That is why we donate a part of our earnings (5%) for charity organizations operating in third world countries and 5% for green energy sources.